OneDrive/SkyDrive not syncing

I had a recent issue where Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) was not syncing changes to their cloud. I noticed there was no Windows service that I could restart, so I just tried a PC restart to see what would happen.

In the system tray, hovering over the OneDrive icon shows that “OneDrive is starting…”, but never moved on from that state (still hours later). A manual sync didn’t seem to work, neither did cancelling and retrying the sync.

Here is the solution that worked for me to kick OneDrive into gear: –

  • As an Administrator, open a command prompt (Win + R, type cmd, and press CTRL + SHIFT + enter)
  • Run “skydrive /shutdown” (notice that internally the executable is still called “skydrive.exe”)
  • Notice that the system tray icon disappears (you may need to hover over it for it to disappear)
  • Run “skydrive”

The system tray icon should re-appear and this time when hovering over it, it should tell you its sync progress